Our Story

Scribes & Vibes is a beautiful blend of poetry, music, art, books, and open mic. We champion the arts and represent intelligent living. We're here to spread peace, love, and positive vibes in efforts to help the marginalized find their tribe. 

If you heart the arts and enjoy bookstores, coffee shops, libraries, museums, and theatre - we appreciate your vibes. Welcome to the tribe!

Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage and promote literary, visual, and performing arts.

The Cool: The Art of Rejuvenating The World's Number One Coffeehouse

Scribes & Vibes premiered on Saturday, March 14, 2009 as a co-branding, monthly sales promotion held at Starbucks Conyers. We positioned the arts to create a notable Starbucks Experience and to generate traffic and raise comp store sale at Starbucks Store 12790; located at 1515 Highway 138 SE in Conyers, GA.

Scribes & Vibes at Starbucks Conyers ran from March 14, 2009 through March 10, 2012. 

The Rebirth of Cool: The Art of Reinforcing The Library As A Community Locale

By popular demand, Scribes and Vibes was revived on Saturday, November 8, 2014 as a co-branding, monthly special event held at Stonecrest Library. We positioned the arts to draw attention to DeKalb County Public Library and to generate traffic and circulation at the Stonecrest Branch; located at 3123 Klondike Road in Lithonia, GA.

Scribes and Vibes at Stonecrest Library ran from November 8, 2014 through January 14, 2017. 


Celebrate The Arts

Join us for a celebration of the arts,







Think Beyond The Books...

SHHH has been happening for far too long. It's time to rethink the library...

It's time to THINK BEYOND THE BOOKS! We invite you to Experience The Library... We invite you to LIBRARY OUT LOUD!